The Environmental Impact Of Traditional Car Washing

The Environmental Impact Of Traditional Car Washing

Our Waterless Wash isn’t just a great, and extremely effective, alternative to traditional car wash methods, but it’s far better for the environment, too.

Of course, you already understand that Shift Waterless Wash uses zero water to clean, shine and protect your vehicle, the clue is in the name. But exactly how much water does that mean you could save along the way?

Well, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and even we were shocked by the statistics…

What a waste! 

An average car wash at home can use between 75 and 150-litres of fresh, clean water. In some cases - chiefly when a standard garden hose is being employed - we’ve seen figures for well over 300-litres… and that’s for each and every car!

Utilising a good-quality pressure washer typically brings down the water bill a little, but you’ll still get through an average of 75-100 litres washing any mid-sized car. This (approximately) equates to a full household bath, running a power shower for 20 minutes or flushing the toilet up to 25 times.   

It’s also worth remembering that all these litres of water end up as soiled wastewater, often contaminated with harsh chemical cleaners. This effluent and run-off is drained directly into the sewers, often through surface water drains (rainwater sewers) which go on to pollute rivers, streams, burns and groundwater.

Commercial car washes aren’t a whole lot better for the planet. Although many recycle and filter up to 60% of the water they use, they will typically get through up to 200-litres per car, with many washing an average between 40-100 vehicles every single day. Worldwide over 2-billion

car washes are performed commercially every year and that, as you can imagine, creates a serious amount of wastewater, and a serious problem for the planet.  

It is also estimated that up to 15,000 unregulated ‘hand car wash’ sites currently operate in the UK alone, many employing the use of forced slave labour, working and living in the most dangerous conditions. A large percentage also use drainage systems that are unsuitable for heavily polluted trade effluent.    

But, the good news is that you can do your part to change the world! Switching your routine to our Waterless Wash, even if it’s just to replace a few of your traditional car washes throughout the year, drastically reduces your contribution to creating wastewater effluent and heavy pollutants. Keeping the water pure and the planet looking as it should. 

Join the revolution, make the Shift, and wash without water whenever you can.