What is waterless car wash?

What is waterless car wash?

Let the waterless revolution begin!

We understand that waterless cleaning isn't for everyone, and you probably have some questions about it yourselves. Hey, we were sceptical when we first came across this radical solution, too. But converts we are. The waterless revolution has begun! 

Using waterless wash will always have its limitations, but it’s extremely useful for safely cleaning a vehicle with light to moderate road grime on the exterior. For the grimiest paintwork and surfaces with ingrained contaminates, the only course to safely remove extreme soiling and fully clean your vehicle will be more traditional bucket and hose methods. But, if you can form the habits needed to clean and regularly maintain your vehicle without water, you can change the way you clean your vehicle for the better, forever. 


Waterless washing is an eco-friendly, alternative method of cleaning your vehicle without the conventional bucket, sponge, hosepipe or pressure washer. In other words, without any water at all.

By using advanced, non-foaming, slick solutions that are capable of encapsulating grime, you can simply spray your waterless cleaner onto the surface, and wipe away the dirt - it’s that simple!


We hear you completely, and in developing the products and methods to make this work, we went through exactly the same thought process. It wasn't easy to overcome and trust us when we say that we tried and tested everything available on the market, finding many drawbacks and pitfalls along the way. We pulled them apart, and then we created Shift Waterless Wash.

Of course, this is the part we could tell you why ours is so much better… "blah, blah, blah" you would say, and rightly so.

But, we genuinely took the best of each, and combined it with what we most desired from a product - namely a formula that can breakdown light to moderate dirt and road grime and suspend it above a slick polymer layer to allow the safe removal and release.

Naturally, we needed to bring something extra to the party other than a product that can only clean, though. So, we developed a special quartz-based coating, enabling us to infuse ceramic protection, too. This means that Shift Waterless Wash not only cleans your vehicle safely and effectively, without scratching. But it also leaves behind a protective, glass-like layer which stops grime and moisture from sticking. You can actually see the water beading, or simply running off of the surface! It also makes the vehicle far easier to clean the next time around. 

Here’s where it gets even better. You can use Shift Waterless Wash on all exterior surfaces. It’s a true ‘one product for all’ scenario. From paintwork and vinyl wraps to glass, rubber, plastic trim and even wheels… yes, we said it, you can even clean your alloy wheels without water! 

But we’ll stop telling you just how great this product is and let you decide for yourself. It may sound crazy, but we are so confident that we are not only offering a no-quibble, money back guarantee, but you can get your hands on a free sample, delivered directly to your door.  Click here and claim yours absolutely FREE!