When would you use a waterless wash?

When would you use a waterless wash?

There’s no doubt about it, Shift Waterless Wash is for everyone, no matter what you drive.

We’re not saying that washing the waterless way is suitable for every occasion of course. This quick, simple and easy process isn’t designed for the most extreme soiling.

If, for example, you love taking your high-end SUV off-roading or green laning on the odd weekend, or you’re using your shooting brake for actual shooting, deep in the countryside, then you may need to keep hold of that pressure washer for the big jobs.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise our environmentally-friendly alternative for the more everyday duties. Besides, why wait until you HAVE to wash to keep your vehicle sparkling? Especially when cleaning without water is so quick and easy.   

On light to medium everyday grime, nothing is faster or more effective than waterless wash, and it’s completely safe on every surface, giving a scientifically developed, scratch-free solution that’s ideal for regularly keeping your vehicle exterior in check, or for interim maintenance in between traditional wet washes.

That’s the great thing about Shift Waterless Wash - you can tailor its use to your personal routine. And, let’s not forget that every application also installs a hydrophobic ceramic coating, designed to stop grime from sticking. This makes the next round of cleaning even easier, regardless of if you’re using more Shift Waterless Wash, or a sponge and a bucket full of soapy water.  

Living in an apartment? Parking on the road every day? Have an issue getting access to power and water where you leave your vehicle? Perhaps you have an indoor carpark with no drainage, where using a bucket or hose simply isn’t an option. Then Shift Waterless Wash really is an essential tool for you. It’s perfect for use indoors or outdoors, and all with no mess, no fuss, and no clean-up necessary. It can also make regular visits to the local car wash a thing of the past.      

Then again you may be looking to rid the garage dust from your pride and joy. Or maybe there’s a little soiling from the occasional weekend B-road bash. Shift Waterless Wash is also perfect for the most dedicated car enthusiasts, for quick cleaning it really is the answer to a multitude of woes.

The main point though, is that Shift Waterless Wash isn’t just an amazing alternative to traditional cleaning methods, but it can go hand-in-hand with them, too. Whether you’re an occasional user, or a full-on waterless wash convert, you won’t regret making the shift.