The limitations of waterless wash

The limitations of waterless wash

We're the first to admit that waterless car washing has its limitations. However, even those who go out and get muddy from time to time can benefit on the odd occasion.


The big question is; where do you draw the line and opt for a traditional car wash as opposed to a waterless solution? Here we have all the answers...

Where to draw the line:

We are realistic, and we're not here to tell you that Shift Waterless Wash is for every vehicle, on every single occasion. On extremely dirty vehicles, sometimes you may well have to revert back to the pressure washer. 

Cleaning a car safely without water is only feasible if the vehicle is well maintained in the first instance, and kept on top of with regular cleaning. While it is possible to wash any vehicle exclusively the waterless way - without ever using conventional methods - it's only a reality if it's is looked after, regularly maintained and does little winter or wet weather driving.

Whilst waterless car washing isn't a paint-safe option on extremely dirty vehicles, or those with excessive road grime strongly adhered to the exterior, it's still a viable and useful tool to keep on top of the appearance in-between more traditional methods of car cleaning.

So, when is it right to use Shift Waterless Wash?

  • Just pulled out for a spirited drive in the sunshine? Waterless is the solution
  • Been off-roading? Waterless isn't going to work for you here
  • Just pulled up at the show? Get the Shift Waterless Wash out!
  • Not washed your car for a month and used it daily to commute? Waterless probably isn't the answer here 
  • Used your vehicle for the past few days in fair weather? Shift Waterless Wash will do the job