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Waterless Case Full

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Experience the transformative power of our advanced polymer technology combined with the cleaning prowess of citric agents. Introducing the SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution, an innovative formula that effortlessly captures and removes dirt and road grime providing you with a convenient and eco friendly car wash experience. No longer will you have to spend countless hours lugging buckets and hoses around.

Our solution suspends dirt and contaminants above the surface of your paintwork allowing you to safely wipe them away without fear of scratching. With our product you can keep your vehicles' paintwork in pristine condition while saving precious time, water, and the environment.

But thats' not all! The SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution not only cleans but also gives your car a brilliant shine with just one application. Say goodbye to multiple products cluttering up your garage and hello to a simplified car care routine. Our solution leaves behind a hydrophobic ceramic layer that provides up to 6 months of durable protection for your vehicle.

Here are some key features and benefits of the SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution:

- 6 500ml bottles in a case
- Safe and effective on all surfaces, including paintwork, glass, and wheels
- Provides months of ceramic protection
- Cleans, shines, and protects in a single application
- Eco friendly solution with zero water wastage

So why wait? Its' time to shift the way you wash your car and discover the future of car care with the SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution. Your vehicles' paintwork deserves nothing but the best care without compromising our environments' well being.

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