Waterless Wash Pack

Waterless Wash Pack

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Introducing the SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Pack. 

3 500ml Bottles of Waterless car wash solution plus 3 microfibre towels.

Revolutionize your car cleaning routine with the power of advanced polymer technology combined with citric cleaning agents. SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution is designed to effortlessly and safely eliminate dirt and road grime from your vehicle. No need for water - this solution simplifies the process while delivering outstanding results.

With its innovative formula, SHiFT suspends debris above the surface of your paintwork, ensuring contaminants are easily wiped away without any risk of scratching. You can now wash your car without water, saving precious time, reducing water consumption, and contributing to a greener environment - all without compromising your vehicle's paintwork finish.


  • Cleans, shines, and protects in a single application.
  • Safe and effective on all surfaces, including paintwork, glass, and wheels.
  • Leaves behind a hydrophobic ceramic layer that provides up to 6 months of durable protection.
  • Each 500ml bottle can clean up to 20 cars, offering outstanding value.
  • Eco-friendly solution that allows you to clean your vehicle without wasting a single drop of water.

Join the eco-conscious car care movement and experience the convenience and brilliance of SHiFT Waterless Car Wash Solution. Maintain your vehicle's pristine appearance while protecting the planet, one wash at a time. Order the Full 6-Pack Case today and discover the future of car cleaning.

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